Leadership Isn't What You Think It is.

Many people believe there are “born” leaders. That there are people with innate skills and talents that make them natural leaders. And while there are people with abilities that support the development of leadership skills, Tim Luppinacci, CEO of Baker Donelson, believes everyone can lead. He believes — actually, he knows — that everyone has leadership skills deep inside them just waiting for the right conditions to grow. That you can be a leader regardless of your education, your degree, your skill or your talent, your background, your race, gender or ethnic heritage. All you have to do is want to learn, grow and lead.

Tim explores these concepts and ideas as a guest on the podcasts listed here and also in his Everybody Leads program, which exists to inspire you, to teach you to embrace your own leadership skills, to nurture those skills and to help you see that leadership might not be what you think it is.

FEBRUARY 27, 2023

Everyone Leads Says Tim Lupinacci

How would you respond to a disappointed boss that yelled at you after a significant failure?
Many leaders would look for another place to work.  


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MARCH 14, 2023

Unlocking Success: Tim Lupinacci on Essential Leadership Skills for CEOs and Heart-Centered Leaders

In this episode, we dive deep into leadership, views on failing forward, Tim’s nonprofit organization called Everybody Leads, and what it means to be a Heart Leader.


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MARCH 27, 2023

Leading Yourself First with Tim Lupinacci | Cedric Francis

Tim Lupinacci, CEO and Chair at Baker Donelson, where he leads over 1,300 individuals in 22 offices across the Southeastern US. Tim is presently leading the firm’s five year BakerVision 2028 strategy and its Diversity & Inclusion Compact.


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APRIL 4, 2023

How To Lead More Effectively with Tim Lupinacci

In this episode, I am excited to really explore the core of what this show is all about - and that is being passionate about leading. 


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APRIL 21, 2023

Breaking Barriers: Empowering Underserved Communities to Lead Themselves, Others and Their Communities

In this podcast episode, Tim Lupinacci, CEO of Baker Donelson, emphasizes that everyone can be a leader and make a positive impact on their communities and families. 


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APRIL 25, 2023

Tim Lupinacci on His Leadership Journey with Lois Sonstegard, PHD

In this podcast, Tim talks about his own leadership journey, which began 30 years ago when a significant error brought a forceful reprimand from his boss. 


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APRIL 25, 2023

How Baker Donelson Has Created an Inclusive Culture

A positive culture where people feel valued and empowered doesn’t happen by accident. Tim Lupinacci, CEO and Chair at Baker Donelson, has been intentional about creating one by developing a five-year vision, then getting buy-in and commitment from everyone in the law firm.


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MAY 17, 2023

From Transactional to Transformational w/Tim Lupinacci

On this episode of Principles with Cory and Logan, we follow the journey of Tim Lupinacci who is the CEO and Chairman at Baker Donelson. Tim emphasizes the importance of leadership development, effective communication, building trust, being humble and open to feedback and criticism, and being visionary.


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MAY 29, 2023

Navigating to Success, a Leadership Journey with Tim Lupinacci

In this episode, Tim Lupinacci, Chairman and CEO of Baker Donaldson, peels back the curtain to reveal the leadership development strategies that have propelled his firm to the forefront of the industry. We dive into the idea of strategic transformation, discussing how it's not only possible, but absolutely necessary for success in today's evolving business landscape.


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JUNE 22, 2023

How to Build a Community of Leaders 

In this episode, Rosie sits down with Tim Lupinacci to discuss the importance of mental health and purpose within organizations.


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JUNE 29, 2023

Expert Leadership Advice from (Top-100 Law Firm) Baker Donelson Chairman & CEO Timothy M. Lupinacci

Today's Five-Star Guest is Timothy M. Lupinacci, Chairman and CEO of the nationally-recognized law firm Baker Donelson.


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JULY 5, 2023

Think Fast | 10 Questions with Tim Lupinacci

In this Think fast mini-episode, Tim Lupinacci takes own 10 rapid-fire questions from host Jeff Gibbard.


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JULY 13, 2023

Are You a Leader?

In today's episode, Tim Lupinacci discus the key qualities and attributes that make a great leader and how effective leaderships contributes to the success of an organization or team.


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JULY 26, 2023

Leadership Through Culture

In contrast to what you might expect of the CEO of a top-100 U.S. law firm, Tim Lupinacci leads in a distinctly humble and humanistic way. He shares his leadership philosophy, one which has helped the firm foster extremely high employee satisfaction.


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AUGUST 24, 2023

Everybody Leads – Enabling a bold new age of empowerment in business and in our communities

In today's episode of The Rethink Leadership Podcast, Time Lupinacci joins to discuss with Jeremy the recent launch of his non-profit, Everybody Leads.


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Become a Leadership Junkie with Tim Lupinacci

Leadership isn't tied to titles or roles; it's about using your qualities to create a positive impact. That’s what Lead to succeed guest Tim Lupinacci will be discussing, plus a whole lot more!


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